STEVEN has been watching movies since the creation of movies. He was in the room with Edison when he recorded Fred Ott's Sneeze to his fantastic new Kinetoscope and he was on the set when Ben Richards took a chainsaw to the groin of Eddie "Buzzsaw" Vatowski in The Running Man. Over the course of his life he's seen twice as many movies as you. (Which is sad.) He is also an illustrator, graphic designer, and the author of the Goats Eat Cans series. His work can be found at

CURRENT TOP TEN: 10. A Clockwork Orange 9. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 8. Punch Drunk Love 7. Straw Dogs 6. Barton Fink 5. Taxi Driver 4. 3. Raging Bull 2. Shadow of a Doubt (1943) 1. Rear Window 

JOHN was born watching movies, which actually inspired the plot for "Look Who's Talking Too". Literally 95% of the things he knows are either movie trivia or random facts tangentially mentioned in film plots. The 21st President of the United States? Chester A. Arthur; mentioned in "Die Hard with a Vengeance". See? He's not sure whether or not this is a valuable life skill (it's not), but hopefully it will aid him in the production of this show.

CURRENT TOP TEN: 10. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 9. Princess Mononoke 8. Wall-E 7. Steamboat Bill Jr. 6. V for Vendetta 5. Toy Story (the trilogy) 4. 12 Angry Men 3. Spirited Away 2. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1. Finding Neverland

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